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Complete Guide to Minecraft Bedrock PVP (Keyboard and Mouse)

Updated March 13, 2022 • Published March 12, 2022
5 minutes read • By Bananaman

This complete guide to Minecraft Bedrock PVP is written by my friend, Bananaman. Enjoy.

Table of Contents

1) Clicks per second (CPS)

Of course the higher the better, but a caveat to this. When you feel like you’re clicking too fast that it’s compromising your aim, try focusing on aiming instead. If you can do 6-8 clicks per second, it’s better to focus on your aim.

Until you’ve gotten all of the basics of aiming down, don’t try to increase your cps.

A person with 2-3 cps can still steamroll someone with 20-30 cps.

Because of the way Minecraft works, there’s a thing called hit cooldown, meaning you can’t hit them during that period of time when their bodies turn red. So higher cps is just a way to make sure you can hit them as soon as the hit cool down is over.

And if you time it perfectly, you can technically still destroy someone who has 100 cps or 1000 cps, with better aim, movement or item utilization etc.

Don’t hyperfocus on CPS, the difference it makes is extremely limited and barely noticeable. Though if your ping, aiming, strafing, ground level or other things are exactly the same, the person with the higher cps will win the trade.

2) Aiming

Aiming is the same as tracking but with a little twist, you want to make sure your crosshair is on your opponent at all time. The best way to improve your aim is NOT by using an aim trainer nor by playing osu jump maps. Because in Minecraft PVP (both bedrock and java), you’re clicking as fast as possible while aiming, it’s a completely different skill set than just simply tracking.

You can improve your aim by simply playing more.

When you’re aiming, try using your arm to aim, instead of your wrist.It takes a while to get used to, even I use my wrist to aim occasionally.

Find your own bespoke sensitivity, don’t try to copy sensitivity from good players, you’re not gonna instantly get good. I recommend adjusting it in an increments of 2 starting from the sens where you can comfortably do a 180 degree turn. Usually the lower the sens, the better, since your aim is gonna be more stable.

Field of view (FOV)

It’s honestly just personal preference. My recommendation is somewhere between 70-95.

Frames per second (FPS)

Just think of it as a skill cap, if you’re constantly playing on 30 fps, your pvp skill is stunted by that cap, if you’re able to do everything perfectly, you still can’t beat someone who’s able to do everything perfectly but on 60 fps.

By getting better equipments to increase your fps, you’re increasing your skill cap as well, which allows you to improve more once you’ve reached the ceiling of the 30fps skill cap. But one thing to note, you’re not gonna get better instantly.

Where to aim

Keep your crosshair parallel to the ground at all times. Because of the way reach is calculated in Minecraft, you get the most out of your reach. However, if you’re comboing your opponent and he’s in the air, try aiming for their feet instead.

When your opponent is in the air, trying jumping while combo locking them, since most of the time, they’ll be out of your range if you’re not jumping.

If you’re on the Hive however, don’t jump while comboing because of the way knockback works on the Hive. Players take way less knockback when you’re comboing someone, so try your best to keep your crosshair on them. One miss can cost you a combo, and the player with the first hit usually wins the trade.

3) Sprint reset

There are lots of ways to do this including w tapping, s tapping, shift tapping and seven tapping. I just named off a few sprint reset methods but why exactly do we have to reset our sprint and how?


Sprint reset can deal more knockback to your opponent in a trade.

If you’re sprinting without letting go of your sprint, the first hit is gonna deal the most knockback while others followed by it are going to deal less knockback. By resetting your sprint, you’re constantly hitting your opponent with the first hit that deals more knockback.

And another usage of this attribute is to maintain a distance between you and your opponent, while they’re in a combo.


W tapping

Probably the easiest one out of the four aforementioned methods. Basically just let go of your W key (or whatever key you use for moving forwards) after you’ve landed a hit on your opponent. Press it immediately after and repeat.

One thing to be wary of is when you didn’t land any hit on your opponent, don’t let go of your W key. It’s tantamount to not moving at all, when your opponent has more momentum than you, it’s easier for them to combo you, that’s why you should always sprint.

S tapping

Press your S key (or whatever key you use for moving backwards) after you have landed a hit on your opponent and release it immediately after. DON’T LET GO OF YOUR W KEY, THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. And everything else is the same as W tapping.

Shift tapping

Basically the same as S tapping, but instead of pressing S, you press shift.

Seven tapping

This is the method that I use, it’s extremely underrated, I just want to try my best to bring it to the limelight. It’s the same as any of the methods I mentioned but you do it alongside with strafing which brings us into the next point.

4) Strafing

By strafing left and right, you can throw off your opponent’s aim. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your own movement as well,try strafing one way at a time. This is by far the most intuitive skill set in PvP. Just make your movement unpredictable.

5) Item utilization

You can utilize your surroundings and projectiles to your advantage.

Snowball, bow, eggs

Throw them or shoot them at your opponent to get the first hit, I recommend setting hotkeys for them. More details on hotkeying, you can check out this video



Place a block in front of your opponent to stop their movement completely and as I’ve established, not moving at all means a free combo for your opponent. If your opponent is strafing, you can place multiple blocks to throw off their aim and stop their movement. DON’T PLACE IT TOO CLOSE TO YOU. If your opponent has autojump on, it’s a damn giveaway.

Also, a trick that I use in dire situation, is pretending to run away while placing 1000000000000000000blocks under you. Your opponent will most likely follow suit and do the same, that’s when you turn around and hit them, catching them by surprise. It works phenomenally.

You can also use blocks to block trap people (which I’m practically a god at doing so)

<Editor’s note: No he’s not a god he’s gay 💩>

Ender pearls

Aside from clutching, an experienced player, especially a no debuff player can use it in a way that no one else can ever combo him again.

Though do use it rigorously, cuz it usually deals a lot of damage.

Low ground

Again because of the way reach works in Minecraft, low ground is extremely op, so try fighting your opponent from a low ground.

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