“Make the best of a bad situation.” – Aqua (KonoSuba)

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Hi. I’m MarsRon, amateur programmer from Malaysia.

Kazuma from KonoSuba casting a Explosion spell
Image by Xarlasar

Hi there, welcome to my website! This is my personal website made with Gatsby to show my projects and blog posts.

This website is currently hosted on a Raspberry Pi server at home! I intend to host all most of my projects on it as well. Server administration is a skill I’m still learning, hopefully there won’t be any catastrophic fails lol

I have experience with JavaScript in general, Discord.js bots, a bit of Python and some Luau scripting. Still learning how to do web development with React and Next.js.

I’m a KonoSuba lover and a casual anime watcher. I play Minecraft Bedrock together with my friends, also play a bit of osu!

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